Feel the Terror

The Rotten God is a horror video game based on classical 90's survival horror games.

Strong and powerful story with cut scenes, immerse yourself on it while playing.


A huge map with hidden areas and lots of resources.


Different puzzles to discover the mysteries of the island.


Against your enemies for survival or hide from them.


Various items to make your own weapons and med kits.

The Rotten God

Play as James

James Solberg is an historian who goes to the "Black Island" in order to investigate the ancient ruins and the stronghold, which no one knows exactly why was built at this island.

When James arrives to the harbour he discovers that the island has been invaded with a horde of terrible creatures with a strong appetite for human flesh and he’s involved in a fight for the survivor immediately.

The Rotten God

Defeat the Consumed

Fight versus the lacerated creatures thirsty of human blood. Rotten bodies full of anger and waiting for an opportunity to kill you.

They want to steal your soul.


How it looks

Current shots from the video game. Click the pictures to enlarge.

All screenshots are property of The Rotten God © 2015

How it feels

Current gameplays of the video game. Updates coming soon!

  • Gameplay #1 · Alpha Version · 15/11/2015

Who we are

The Rotten God is an indie project without any kind of investment.

We are the people who do this real in our free time since May 2013.

Alberto Cerdá
Producer, Programmer, Designer, Animator
Alberto Abrisqueta
Alex Moya
3D Modeler, Environment Artist
David Avilés
3D Artist, Animator
Francisco Amorós
Effects Designer, Tester
Francisco Toledo
Sound Designer
Frank Guerra
Jose Alberto Albarrán
3D Artist, Level Designer
Juanjo Marco Martínez
3D Modeller, Level & Environment Artist
Mark Heutink
2D Concept Artist
Rubén Ferrández
Programmer, Tester
Saul Mases
Digital Designer, UI Designer, Web Developer
Simón Picó
Creature Designer
The Rotten God

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